Veterinary Advice and Consultations

I have been answering questions for clients for over 22 years. When you need a reliable answer you can trust, I am here to listen. Some of the frequently asked questions I answer are:

  • How do I know when it is time to put my animal to sleep?
  • Does my dog/cat need this surgery?
  • Why is my cat/dog so aggressive?
  • What is it like to deal with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, (any chronic illness) in my cat/dog?
  • What vaccinations does my dog/cat need?
  • I don’t understand what my vet is saying or recommending; can you explain it?
  • Why do I need to do blood work, x-rays, surgery, dentistry on my cat/dog? What does blood work tell me?
  • What do I do about my dog’s arthritis? How do I keep my dog/cat free from pain?


Phone/email consultations are $30/30 minutes.

Book your consultation right now! Simply fill out the contact form to the right, or E-mail, or call 808.866.0420. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to submit information (history) about your case before our discussion, please fill out the Veterinary Consultation Form.

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Second Opinions

Perhaps you’ve had an expensive procedure recommended for your pet and you would like to know if it is the most beneficial thing you can do for your companion.

Quality of Life

You are the only person who can make this decision for your pet, but Dr. Byrd can help you to make that decision a little easier with a compassionate understanding of the tremendous difficulty involved. It may be time to let go. Cats and dogs have a difficult time passing out of this life on their own and often need assistance. We are blessed with this option to ease their suffering when needed. I will lend my ear and my heart without judgment to help you come to terms with this heart-breaking decision.

Behavior Problems with Cats and Dogs

Most behavioral issues that arise with cats and dogs arise from fear and lack of proper training. Understanding this fear and gentle positive based training are effective answers. Often behavior is linked to health issues and this is where a veterinarian can help to understand what the underlying issue may be.

Chronic Health Issues

Veterinary medicine is advancing at rapid rates and many chronic issues no longer need to be chronic issues. Find out the latest and most effective solutions to many chronic problems. Pain relief is absolutely necessary for chronic/acute arthritis issues and is available!


There are many things you can do to keep your pet healthy and avoid costly veterinary bills.

Dog and Cat Obesity

Our pets are becoming obese as fast as our population is and it is no healthier for them than it is for you or me. Do not be embarrassed about your pet’s obesity — it usually comes from loving them too much — but let’s help prevent all of the health issues that come with it- including diabetes, liver failure, cardiac issues, arthritis and more.

Veterinary Terms & Treatment Recommendations

When your veterinarian explains something to you, does it sound like another language or another planet? I call this “vetspeak” and I can help you decipher it. I can also help to explain why we recommend blood work, x-rays, urinalysis, dentistry, surgery, chemotherapy and many other diagnostics and treatment options.

Veterinary House Calls

Dr. Teri also does veterinary house calls in the Seattle and Eastside areas. Click here to learn more about her veterinary house call services.

Consultation Request Form

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