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Adrienne Buttelmann

Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue

Dr. Teri Byrd is by far the most knowledgeable and caring vet I have encountered in my many years of animal ownership. I run a local animal rescue and have thus had countless appointments with her, and I have never once had a bad experience. She has helped me save the lives of many, many animals. Dr. Byrd’s passion for veterinary medicine and animals in general is evident in how she cares for her animal patients, and she is extremely helpful to her clients.


Matt W.

I have been bringing my cats and dogs to Dr. Byrd for almost seven years. We tried other vets but none of them is as passionate as she is about helping animals. She is brilliant and caring and I could not imagine taking my pets to anyone else.


Michelle & Scott H.

Dr. Byrd is a very caring practitioner. She has a rapport with her patients and their owners that isn’t often seen with veterinarians. I highly recommend her. Don’t your animal companions deserve the best?


Kim C.

Dr. Byrd has been our vet for over five years; our cats love her and we trust her. As long as we have pets, Dr B will continue to be a part of our health care team.


Heather G.

Staff member at Madison Park Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Byrd is a compassionate, caring doctor who takes the time to talk to each client about concerns and/or problems their pet may be having. She goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. Whether it’s doing hours of research on VIN or calling a specialist for help, she always makes sure her clients/patients are well taken care of.



Dr. Byrd’s demeanor is always professional and straightforward; traits I value in an individual who cares for animals or people. She makes good use of all the tools available to keep her skills and knowledge up-to-date.


Ann S.

Dr. Byrd is a nice alternative to your normal run-of-the-mill vet. I got a half hour appointment with the doctor and she answered all my questions.


Sonia L.

During our first visit, Dr. Byrd spent nearly an hour with us and our kitty, who has kidney disease. She asked tons of questions about our sick kitty, and gave us information and ideas that no other vet had offered. She obviously loves animals dearly, and is excellent with ours. She is knowledgeable and thoughtful and considerate – she was very kind to us humans as well. Under her care my cat has improved beyond what I thought possible. I feel very lucky to have her, and recommend her wholeheartedly.


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